Recovery Support - Our Program

HLC follows evidence based programs with highly effective results, including SAMHSA 8 dimensions of wellness, which you can learn more about on this page. 

Our programs encourage and facilitate growth in each of the above aspects of wellness. This is foundational to the second part of our mission—to assist each other to become whole in every aspect of  our lives so we discover and become the persons that we were created to be!

Since the population we serve is experiencing the life threatening challenge of physical & behavioural addiction, we immediately address this aspect first.

While  recognizing & acting upon the need for physical activity, nutritious diet, proper sleep and overall self care  that will support a long vigorous , fulfilling life is important ; we know that unless we address the life threatening aspects of their present challenges, all is for naught.

Peer Recovery Coaches are men and women who have faced these exact challenges—and successfully addressed them in a way that led them to highly productive lives of significance

This trained cadre of women and men of all ages and backgrounds also includes family members of people seeking a better way of living. These people are uniquely qualified to serve as a resource to families at a time of desperation.

What’s the charge for this life saving service?

This is a FREE resource that provides information and access to resources that will SAVE LIVES. The only request that we make, is that if it works for you that you pay it forward and volunteer here in the future to assist other similarly situated persons seeking solutions.

Our partners include qualification assessment agencies that determine funding sources , skilled therapists and interventionists, treatment Centers—both in patient and out patient , supportive living homes—both halfway and three quarter and last but not least a vibrant community Center that builds upon these initial measures to provide a supportive social, educational and recreational Center for happy, joyous and free living.

Many, no ALL of our Coaches have developed meaningful , productive lives that are engaged in the betterment of the community in general and their careers and families in particular. Not only is Recovery possible but following the Eight Aspects of Wellness programs are transformational to those seeking recovery but also to families. In some dismal cases, families have learned methods to cope with these struggles to achieve a certain level of sanity and financial security.

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